BrandTuitive Launches Campaign for Best Monitor Calibration Product Ever Produced By Datacolor


New positioning, messaging platform and launch campaign for SpyderX promote the biggest technology breakthrough in years

February 2019NYC-based branding and marketing agency, BrandTuitive, partnered with color management solutions company, Datacolor, to launch their latest monitor calibration tool – SpyderX. BrandTuitive was engaged to position the product for launch, develop a compelling messaging platform and create a campaign that powerfully resonates with their photographer target audience. 

Through comprehensive research of the category and competition and in-depth, one-on-one interviews with photographers, BrandTuitive developed a simple yet powerful messaging platform based on SpyderX being “the best Spyder ever.” While Datacolor has produced many Spyder models, SpyderX is a technological breakthrough, which led BrandTuitive to position it as “the fastest, most accurate, easiest-to-use Spyder ever created by Datacolor.” This platform honors the brand’s heritage while highlighting attributes that are most attractive to the audience.

BrandTuitive also learned how important it is for photographers to be able to achieve their creative vision. This insight is the foundation of the “Behind the Shot” campaign, which celebrates the incredible lengths photographers go to in order to capture extraordinary shots. In contrast with all that effort, SpyderX is the easy part ­– photographers can now calibrate their monitors in under two minutes. According to Todd Brenard, Chief Strategy Officer at BrandTuitive, “Getting to know these photographers and how invested they are in their work allowed us to create a campaign that recognizes their passion.” 

BrandTuitive was also engaged to develop marketing materials including a dedicated SpyderX website, print and digital ads, tradeshow materials, content for Amazon and email blasts. “Spyder has been around for over 18 years, and we thought we had said it all,” said Susan Bunting, Director of Marketing, Consumer Solutions at Datacolor. “BrandTuitive was able to discover fresh and authentic insights for our groundbreaking new product that resonate with our audience. We’re excited about the launch campaign they developed which really brings these insights to life.”

Our Super Bowl Ad Champion

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The Super Bowl is a time for advertisers to set the standard for their company’s marketing strategy and live in their consumers’ memories for years to come. Super Bowl LIII was no exception. This year’s ads focused on humor, emotion, celebrity star power and other topics to make an impression in the minds of viewers. What makes an ad so special are the strategic nuances that satisfy the consumers’ Movie in the Mind℠, the catalyst for all the successful work BrandTuitive creates for its clients. Our choice for the ad that best met consumers’ Movie in the Mind℠ this year is Google’s “100 Billion Words.”

This spot highlights how people want to accurately convey what they want to say and how they feel to others and their desire to form genuine connections. Google fulfills that Movie in the Mind℠ by highlighting how, with Google Translate, users can connect with other people through the power of words no matter the cultural barriers.

We commend Google for not taking the easy way out and sticking to safe topics. They turned the dial up a notch without being too confrontational about some of the issues the world is currently facing, emphasizing how words have power to unite or to divide. Overall, Google’s ad beautifully depicted the diversity of the world and the situations in which Google Translate can be used to bring people together. And despite everything words are used for, Google makes the clear point that people mostly use their words for love instead of hate.  

Through its use of powerful imagery, impactful narration and its understanding of how people interact, Google’s “100 Billion Words” delivers an emotional and authentic message perfectly capturing the consumer Movie in the Mind℠ and delivering an empowering challenge for its users – explore the world, seek more information and embrace others. 


Welcome our new Creative Director, Isabel Babcock!

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We are excited to announce a new addition to BrandTuitive: this week, Isabel Babcock is joining our team as Creative Director. She comes to us with over ten years’ experience working with clients to craft compelling and strategic narratives that drive successful business outcomes. 

Isabel joins BrandTuitive from KillWolf, where she was Creative Director for four and a half years. Her experience includes stints at The Brand Union as well as at Sterling Brands. She has worked with a diverse roster of clients including Dell, American Standard, Bank of America, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft and Absolut.

Welcome to the team, Isabel!

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The Benefits of Shadowing

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At BrandTuitive, we highly value career development. In alignment with our core value of Fostering Unprecedented Development of People, we work with each member of our team to hone their skills in all aspects of their job. We believe that it is never too early to start learning about the professional world. This is why BrandTuitive welcomed a pre-college student to our office to help him gain valuable real-world experience. 

We were excited to invite a high school student to our office for one week to shadow us. During his time with us, he was exposed to all events happening at the agency, from brand positioning brainstorms to our High Fives at the end of the day. He sat with various members of our team from interns to the president to learn the ins and outs of our agency from multiple perspectives. Our goal was not only to allow him to see how our team functions but also for him to experience what it is really like to work here. He collaborated with us on several projects for clients and the agency itself and was encouraged to actively participate and make a contribution. As his week with us drew to a close, he expressed some of his key take-aways from the experience. 

One of these was how he learned about work culture and how to properly conduct and attend meetings. By observing and participating in several meetings including different people from our office, he learned how each person has their own leadership style. He also expressed his appreciation for our company culture. As a collaborative team, we work together on various projects and expect each person to take responsibility for their contribution. We felt it was important that he understand our values just as the rest of our team does in order to give him the most meaningful experience. 

Hosting a shadow student for a week was not only a positive experience for him but also for our entire team. It gave our junior employees, even the interns, the opportunity to act as managers and work on their leadership skills. For example, all of our interns helped manage him and give insight into their day-to-day responsibilities. They enhanced their management and communication skills and led by example throughout the day. It also provided them with an idea of what it takes to manage someone else. They needed to be clear when they explained their projects and make sure that the student was gaining something valuable from each experience. 

We really enjoyed the opportunity to host a younger individual as he contemplated his own career path. Shadowing at BrandTuitive is a truly special experience that gives us a chance to put our values into practice while developing someone just starting out in their career. 

Brand Communication Tool: Treasury of Knowledge℠


When a business is looking for clients, it’s important that they have the right look, feel and tools to properly display their competitive advantage. This can be difficult for companies that have been in business for a long time; they can start to look dated and behind modern times. This was an obstacle faced by MRCE until we rebranded them and provided them with a powerful, new brand identity.

MRCE is a cutting-edge geotechnical engineering firm specializing in building foundations. Having been in business for over 100 years, MRCE came to BrandTuitive to update their look while still maintaining the reputation the company has built over the years. We were hired to modernize their name, logo, tagline and website to reflect the masterful, technologically advanced geotechnical engineering firm that they are.


At BrandTuitive, we say that we don’t create brands, we reveal them. More importantly, we become so invested with the brand that we recognize powerful marketing tools that give our clients a competitive advantage beyond the initial scope of the project.

Being in business over 100 years, MRCE has access to information that no other firm has. They have technologically advanced in-house laboratories, historic geological maps that show in-depth site history, and they’ve acquired subsurface material from almost every block in Manhattan. Through the brand reveal, we also recognized that the abundance of information that MRCE had acquired over the years could be adapted into a powerful marketing tool. Their masterful knowledge and unique skills allowed us to coin a phrase that succinctly communicates their competitive advantage: The Treasury of Knowledge℠.


The Treasury of Knowledge℠ is not only a collection of all of the information that MRCE has acquired over the years, but it is also how they apply that information. MRCE hires the best and brightest minds who, using their collection of tools and information, deliver masterful solutions to their customers’ complex engineering challenges. This is an invaluable marketing tool for MRCE as clients are made aware of the fact that they will only get this impeccable service and abundance of experience with MRCE. The Treasury of Knowledge℠ powerfully communicates to existing and future customers that MRCE is a masterful geotechnical engineering firm that has the tools and resources to deliver what no other geotechnical engineering firm can.   


Companies should look at how they position themselves in the market and what tools they have at their disposal. In a competitive industry, it is a business’s responsibility to set themselves apart from competitors and communicate their expertise. Knowing what they can do, how to take advantage of their skills and how to relay them to their audience can give a company a powerful marketing advantage and differentiate one company from the rest.