Marketing efforts that catch the eye, yet still friendly to Mother Earth


The new season of Devious Maids started this week and in anticipation of the season premier, the show has gone beyond conventional billboards and posters. They have engaged the core audience by power washing the show logo with the hashtag #secrets on the streets of New York City. This raises awareness for the show, brings attention to the start of the new season and drives engagement via social media. 

For the most part, out-of-home marketing like billboards are pretty much middle ground and are generally an appropriate marketing effort for brands to communicate their message. But when it comes to power washing an advertisement on a NYC sidewalk, a brand is turning the corner onto a more unconventional way of marketing.

What we really love about this effort is that it is not only unique and different but, in honor of Earth Day, environmentally friendly. However, a question that can arise is: Is this appropriate for all brands/products?