Unexpected vs Unexpected Thinking: QR Codes

Innovative marketers believe in the power of out-of-the-box ideas. But not all innovative, unexpected marketing efforts drive results. We believe there’s unexpected for unexpected sake and then there’s what we call truly Unexpected Thinkingdelivering results through creative executions that are different, yet solidly grounded in strategic, on-brand thinking.

The following examples, stemming from a time when QR codes were gaining popularity, clearly articulate this difference and showcase the importance of always thinking from the customer's perspective.  

UNEXPECTED: HBO designed a custom, blood-themed QR code to extend the length of their True Blood season trailer. The QR code, although both clever and on-brand for this effort, was featured for much too short an amount of time during the trailer. Viewers watching the trailer would have missed it with a blink and not have had the chance to scan it should they have wanted to. The code also directed viewers to additional content, content which could have been considered repetitive as it was an extended version of the trailer. 

See if you can catch a glimpse of the QR code (don’t blink!)

UNEXPECTED THINKING: Tesco Homeplus, the UK-based discount chain and grocer, created virtual stores in Korea for shoppers to scan QR codes through an app that facilitated the grocery shopping experience. Marketers leveraged true insights about their core customers with a focus on convenience as the value proposition. They realized that customers in Korea were always on the go and that many purchasing decisions happened during their daily commutes. This approach to using QR codes helped Tesco Homeplus become the number 1 retailer in Korea without increasing their number of brick and mortar stores. Watch their innovative idea come to life...

The next time you're considering brining a unique, innovative marketing idea to life, don't just dare to be unexpected...dare to incorporate Unexpected Thinking.