The Power of Emotion

emo-tion: \iˈmōSHən/  defined as a state of feeling.

Effective marketing provokes emotions that fulfill on a customer’s need or desire . . . and ultimately results in their making a purchase. Although the emotions can range from a lighthearted feeling of joy to a deeply rooted feeling of freedom, emotions drive purchasing decisions. Smart marketers understand this and leverage it in their communications.

Nike’s Jordan Brand launched a collection of athletic apparel “created to honor the captain” Derek Jeter, as he finishes up his last MLB season with the New York Yankees before officially retiring. It has captured the hearts of Yankees fans, Jeter fans and sports fans nationwide. 

Inspiring audio that builds up, dramatic video direction and surprising celebrity appearances all come together.  From the Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester (despite the iconic rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox) to actor Billy Crystal and director Spike Lee, the celebrities spotted tipping their hats to Jeter all add to the power of the story. This bold and emotive TV spot leaves viewers with a feeling of deep admiration and respect for Derek Jeter as a legendary athlete. You may have noticed that this commercial does not focus on any pieces from the narrow Collection, which features 4 products. Within 1 week of this commercial launching not only has 1 of the 4 pieces sold out, but the commercial has also become a trending viral video with over 6.5 million views on YouTube . . . which goes to prove the power and effectiveness in connecting to the emotions of your audience.