Grammar Matters: Fewer vs. Less


As a branding agency, we are super passionate about the spoken and written word. We know that one word or comma can change the meaning and the emotion felt by the reader or can just plain be incorrect. With that passion in mind, we’re debuting a blog series that focuses on a few common grammar missteps and corresponding tips to help get them right.

ISSUE: Fewer vs. Less

Many times we’ve seen the word “less” used when the word “fewer” should have been used. Luckily, the rule for this one is pretty easy. You use “fewer” when you can count what you’re comparing. “Less” should be used when you can’t count what you’re comparing. For example, you would say, “I want fewer glasses of water” or “I want less water.”

EXAMPLES: fewer dollars vs less money; fewer hours vs less time; fewer sandwiches vs less food

QUICK TIP: Think, “Can I count what I’m describing?” If yes, use fewer.

You might be surprised how often a fewer/less challenge comes up. We hope this post helps you make fewer mistakes so you can feel less insecure about your grammar skills. :)