Advice to a Millennial Job Seeker


We recently met with a college marketing student who was visiting New York City branding agencies. She came in for an informational meeting/coffee to get to know BrandTuitive.

Right before she left she asked if we had any suggestions for marketing job seekers like her. We offered the following nuggets of advice – the things we wish we had done better when we were graduating from college:

  1. Connect with people you meet on LinkedIn – especially those outside of your generation because they are the ones in hiring positions. Connect with your classmates and colleagues, too. You might not remember their names in 20 years and wish you could find them.

  2. Follow the companies you’d like to work for on social media – Like their Facebook page and follow their company page on LinkedIn. You’re more likely to find out first when a job opens up and to get a better understanding of their culture.

  3. Double check your work – then have someone else proof it, too. If you’re trying to make a good impression, one typo can ruin a great meeting.

  4. Ask for business cards – and write the date and the context of your meeting on the back so you don’t forget when you reach out again.

  5. Send a thank you note – we love when someone takes the time to send us a personalized letter.

  6. Stay in touch – especially if you’ve been invited to keep in touch, a quick note about school, your job search or landing a job is appreciated.

  7. Look for ways to help – remember that networking works when you sincerely look for ways to help other people. Before you think about what another person can do for you, think about how you might help them with something.

So the next time you are going to an interview, attending a networking event or grabbing coffee with a mentor make sure you are prepared and always working to grow your network.

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