Guest blog - “What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?”

We’re excited to post our second guest blog entry. Becky, a recent college graduate, wanted to shadow NYC advertising agencies to learn more about the marketing world. During her visit with BrandTuitive she crafted this blog post about facing the fears of life after graduation head on. We like her advice to graduates.


Guest blogger: Becky

As a recent college graduate, it’s easy to feel like the “transition” into the work force is less of a gentle life adjustment and more of a short walk across a stage, right into a giant abyss. The next step that was always lined up in front of you is nowhere to be found. The word “work” changes meaning completely, going from a temporary summer job to a livelihood that is needed to meet many responsibilities. Rent, bills, student loans and much more suddenly move out of the distant future and into the immediate future. It can be downright terrifying, leaving you with questions you never knew you would have like, “What’s a credit score? What’s a good credit score? How do I find a job that I can do well? How do I make a company want to hire me?”

After going through this jarring change and puzzling over these questions (and countless others), the best way to begin to acclimate is to immerse yourself in all learning opportunities. Talk to people: family members and friends are excellent resources that can provide a gold mine of information based on their own experiences, and they are usually extremely willing to help. While accepting advice and criticism can be hard at times (especially when it comes from someone you care about or respect), it’s crucial to absorb it all and take it in stride in order to benefit from it in the most effective way possible.

Any experience can be a learning experience when it’s looked at through the right lens and faced with confidence. When the fear is stripped away, you’re free to dream and fuel your ambition to be the best YOU that you can be. Put yourself out there, speak up and jump right into the flow; life isn’t made up of plans, it’s made up of experiences – be brave, get out and grab them.