Agency Culture: HIGH FIVE


The culture of an agency is formed over time and influenced by the people of the organization. We believe that the top branding agencies have a strong culture that is nurtured by its practices.

At BrandTuitive, we have developed rituals over time that align with our core values and the things we hold dear collectively as a team. We believe they set us apart from other agencies and that they help form the fabric of our teamwork.

One such practice that is nearly sacred is High Five.

High Five is when we get together before we leave the office to recap the positive events that happened that day. The premise is that no matter how busy or stressful the day was, there were always great things that occurred. It’s important to us that we leave the office on that high note.

Over time unspoken High Five “rules” have emerged:

1.     We each get to say only one High Five. (Although the cleverest among us figure ways to bucket 2 or even 3 High Fives and create a “potpourri” of High Fives, so to speak.)

2.     When someone is on vacation, we write their High Five on their behalf – those are usually about how good their umbrella drink tastes or how blue the ocean is!

3.     And if we have a visitor in the office, be it a client, a family member or a vendor, they participate in High Five with us.

High Five has become one of many agency practices that contribute to the BrandTuitive culture. If you’re nearby at the end of the day, stop by and join us!