BrandTuitive is Five


This month BrandTuitive turns five years old.

We started the agency with two primary objectives: 1) we were committed to delivering value beyond expectations to our clients and 2) we wanted to create a branding agency where people are respected and heard.

As we reflect on the past five years, we are so grateful to our clients who have entrusted their businesses to us and to our employees who have contributed to developing our processes and have brought our Core Values to life.

Many people have asked what we’ve learned since our founding. We believe these points are relevant to companies young and old:

1.    Deliver value

Regardless of the size of the project, it’s important to always do great work and provide clients with an outcome that fulfills their objectives. Every one of our clients is our most important client, and we treat them that way.

2.    Respect others

We believe in collaboration and allowing others to be heard. This applies to clients, employees and vendors. If you have a different set of rules for each group, chances are you’re not really living up to what you say is important.

3.    Unexpected things happen

The trick is to keep moving. Looking forward and exploring how to become even better than we were the day before has kept us marching in the same direction.

4.    Don’t avoid the tough conversations

The tough conversations are usually the ones with the most meaningful outcomes. Putting them off results in lack of sleep and angst. Put your big girl/big boy pants on and say what needs to be said – of course, always in a respectful way.

5.    Write and honor your Core Values

Our Core Values have guided us through highs and lows. There were times that felt as if our Core Values didn’t apply to this or that particular situation. But in the end, we’ve learned that honoring our Core Values as our guide has always turned out to be the right thing to do.