Campaigns We Admire - Organic Valley: Real Morning Report


We really love the Organic Balance Real Morning Report campaign from Organic Valley which demonstrates that a nutritious, organic breakfast IS possible even during the busy mornings of professional women.

What it’s all about:

This sister campaign to Save The Bros explains the “cray” of a working woman’s morning. It pokes fun at commercials that portray “perfect” women who have time to journal in their journaling nook or do yoga in their underwear before the morning commute. They back it up with research about how real women experience mornings and include sardonic humor that instantly endeared the brand to women in the BrandTuitive office. Some of us related most to the 33% of women who report not making their bed, while others of us to the 9% who cited dry shampoo as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century.

What we love about this campaign:

We love work that the target audience can see themselves in, work that hits what we call the Movie in the Mind℠. We also like the interactivity of the campaign. Women can participate in the survey themselves and see the results of the research: Finally, the campaign features actors who look and sound like real women. They aren’t all size 2, and they don’t all have perfect hair.

Where to find it:


We love marketing and appreciate what it takes to make the work great. Kudos Organic Valley, kudos.