Interview with our Summer 2016 Intern


It’s important to us at BrandTuitive to provide an environment of growth. We thought we’d check in with last summer’s Brand Marketing Intern to see what, if any, impact she felt her experience with BrandTuitive is having on her final year of college. Here’s an excerpt of that conversation.

BrandTuitive: What would you say about your internship with BrandTuitive last summer overall?

Kim B: I believe I had the best summer internship. I guess time truly does fly when you're having fun, because my internship flew by this past summer. I commuted to work every morning with a smile on my face, because I was genuinely happy going into work every day, which is something not everyone can say. BrandTuitive kept me busy and involved rather than bored on Facebook like most of my friends who were interning. Although I'm happy to be back at Penn State, I can't help but miss my team and internship at BrandTuitive.


BrandTuitive: How do you think your senior year is different than it would have been if you hadn’t interned with BrandTuitive?

Kim B: I don’t think I’d be as motivated in the classroom, and I don’t think I’d be taking as many opportunities to develop and interview. The internship helped make me comfortable in my interviews. At BrandTuitive, I never felt like “the intern.” I felt like an equal contributor to the team. That boosted my confidence. I also learned that “I’m 100% responsible for my career.” That encouraged me to ask for opportunities to learn. One pivotal request was when I asked to participate in interviewing a fall intern. Sitting on the interviewer side of the table taught me that my interviewers aren’t trying to trip me up; they genuinely want to know if I’ll be a good fit. That changed a lot for me.


BrandTuitive: What advice would you give to undergraduates about how to make the most of their internships?

Kim B: I would tell them to go above and beyond. Instead of just going to your manager for projects, ask what they need help with. Be the best team member you can be and help people out. Have a passion for the company, not just get your hourly pay. Really enjoy it instead of just having it for your resume. If you have ideas, speak up about it. I got to run my own project. BrandTuitive gave me the space to run with it and held my hand when I needed it. It’s one of my favorite things to talk about.