Grammar Matters: Bring vs. Take


As a marketing agency, we write a lot of copy, so we end up talking a lot about grammar. As a result, we’ve got a lot of agency sayings on the topic.

Our strategists’ favorite is: “Grammar is not an opinion.”
Our designers’ favorite is: “But there is such thing as Advertising Grammar.”
Our grammarian’s favorite is: “You can’t break the [grammar] rules until you know the rules!”

Today, on our mission to help folks with common grammar issues, we’re addressing two words that are often mixed up.

ISSUE: Bring vs. Take
The problem is that many people use bring and take indiscriminately. Both words describe the movement of something from one location to another. However, each has its proper usage depending on your point of reference. You ask people to bring things to wherever you are. You take things to where you are going.

I ask people to bring me coffee.
You tell people they can bring their dog to work.
But you take your dog to work.
We take comps to the client.

QUICK TIP: You bring things here and take things there.

Did this post take you out of your comfort zone? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Keep our Quick Tip handy and keep practicing!