Great Things Can Happen When The Mice Get To Play: A note to managers


This week, the owners of BrandTuitive were out of the office for a few days to attend the Ad Age Small Agency Awards in Miami. While the cat’s away…

We’ve learned over the years that some of the team’s best growth has occurred when its manager was out of the office. It’s not always the most delightful experience for the team member going through the growth when left in charge; but as an agency that highly values development of people, we marvel at the speed of growth in these situations. 

So, we have a recommendation for managers who want to help their team members grow: get on a plane.

Ok, so we’re not saying to make it difficult for your team to get the answers and the support they need from you. Few things are as frustrating to an employee who is trying to move a project forward as a manager who insists on having final approval but is never available when needed. We mean, when you are out-of-pocket for some legit reason, a client meeting or a flight, trust your team members to make decisions while you’re out…and support those decisions. 

You know your team members. You know if they are ready to spread their wings. When they are, let them fly! That’s right, they might not make the same decisions you would make. And that’s okay; it’s actually pretty awesome.