What the heck does ¶# ⁐ ^ / v mean?


As you can imagine, as a marketing agency we do a lot of proofreading. A lot.

As a result, proofreading marks are near and dear to our hearts. It’s how we communicate changes with each other. By using universal proofreading marks, we don’t have to wonder if the rest of the team understands what we’re trying to communicate.

And we’ve learned that many people are unfamiliar with standard proofreader’s marks. So today’s blog pays homage to our favorite, if underappreciated, symbols.


Mark: stet

What it means: Basically it means “ignore the change I just made!” and keep the text as it was


Mark: ¶

What it means: Begin a new paragraph


Mark: #

What it means:  Insert a space



What it means: Close up a space between words


Mark:  ^ / v

What it means: Insert; this mark is placed exactly where text should be inserted


We love you, Proofreader’s Marks! You never let us down!