Celebrating All Things Coffee


Thursday, September 29, is National Coffee Day. At BrandTuitive, we look forward to this day all year. Maybe it’s because we’ve worked on some really interesting projects that have involved that liquid gold.

Over the years working with our client, Nespresso, we’ve worked on a ton of creative projects involving coffee from brochures, to direct mail, to bus wraps to turning bus shelters into gigantic Nespresso machines. Through that relationship, we’ve developed quite an appreciation for what it takes to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Did you know that Nespresso sources the top 1-2% of coffee beans across the world? And did you know that they are masters at roasting so even their coffees with an intensity of 11 or 12 don’t have that “burnt” taste that many people complain about with dark roasts?

A great way to celebrate National Coffee Day is to pop into one of the Nespresso boutiques dotted across the country where you can get a free tasting from some of the nicest experts in the coffee business.

Another interesting coffee-related client project was with The Economist. To draw attention to the magazine’s thoughtful content (and cause a bit of a stir), coffee carts were set up across New York City offering a free taste of the world’s most expensive coffee – Kopi Luwak – which sells for as much as $80 a cup. The interesting bit is that this coffee is brewed from Arabica beans that are consumed, partly digested and defecated by the Asian palm civet cat native to South and Southeast Asia. Of course the preparation process includes a thorough cleaning!

Did we try it? Of course we did!

National Coffee Day is probably our second favorite fun holiday (after National Ice Cream Day of course). As the big day approaches, keep a lookout for promotions from your local coffee retailers – and join in the celebration.