Unexpected Thinking Ad for Super Bowl LI

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To say Super Bowl LI delivered a memorable game would be an understatement. As the first ever Super Bowl to go into overtime, fans got more than they bargained for; and if you stayed up late to watch every last second, you were rewarded with a game that you will never forget. However, not only were you rewarded with a phenomenal game; but we believe one of the best Super Bowl commercials came immediately after the game… did you catch it?

Hyundai delivered an emotional tearjerker that broke the norms of regular Super Bowl commercials and delivered on one of BrandTuitive’s key ideals of Unexpected Thinking. If you missed it, check it out here. How did Hyundai deliver? We break it down to understand what you can learn moving forward.

First, it’s clear that Hyundai drew on the emotional heartstrings of the audience. If you couldn’t keep from crying, you were not alone. The warmth and true emotion that spilled from the television set while watching delivered something that truly hit an emotional chord. Best of all, authenticity rang through and delivered on the “Better Drives Us” tag shown at the end. Hyundai didn’t try to scream how amazing they were or how much you should praise them for bringing military families together; instead, they created an authentic experience that allowed the audience to take part in the reunion without being bombarded by messages about Hyundai.

We also applaud Hyundai for taking a risk. Because the content from the advertisement was from the Super Bowl itself, the team had to film and put together the advertisement during the game. Although this was surely a stressful night for some of Hyundai’s marketing department, they stepped outside the box to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

Lastly, sometimes timing makes all the difference. Regardless of your background, respect for the military at a time when our country needs uniting is surely top of mind for a majority of Americans. By delivering a message to remind the American audience about how valuable simple family time can be, Hyundai delivered at a time when we needed it the most.

By delivering an emotional, authentic, risky and perfectly timed commercial, Hyundai’s Unexpected Thinking around how best to deliver on their message of “Better Drives Us” is a lesson to all of us about key elements of advertising to consider if you want to stand out from the norm.