Bigger Isn't Always Better


Bigger is better—an age-old mantra whose bark may be bigger than its bite. For decades, there’s been a perception of greater success toward the concept of large companies. A higher number of employees supposedly equates to a greater success rate, which somehow implies large companies being better than their smaller competitors.  While certain industries yield a greater correlation between size and success, the importance of creativity and strategic thinking makes the field of marketing a different beast entirely. As a smaller-scaled marketing agency, we’re here to testify that working with a smaller marketing company may be a more strategic choice for many brands.

Attention to detail. Refined talent. Intimate, one-on-one communication. These phrases are more than business jargon; they’re aspects of successful marketing and branding that may be emphasized in a smaller company environment. One reason why a smaller agency may be the right fit for certain clients is its potential to act like an extension of the client’s brand rather than a third party completely. Clients have told us that they appreciate the attention and interest given to their brand from everyone in the office, owner to intern.

Smaller agencies may also lessen the potential of your business being handed off to the lowest man on the totem pole; for example, at BrandTuitive the president and chief strategy officer play a hands-on role with each and every strategy.

Finally, smaller agencies often have the ability to produce a more creative environment and thus more creative campaigns. It has been said that creativity is contagious; and based on our experience at BrandTuitive, we would definitely agree. Unique and imaginative thinking extends through all aspects of a campaign from strategy to design to implementation. While larger companies don’t equate to less creativity, there may be something to be said for the infectious imagination that develops when in close quarters with professional designers and artists.

Is bigger really better? Does a larger size equate to greater success? In some cases this may be true. But in terms of marketing, an industry reliant on understanding, communication and creativity, there are certain aspects of a smaller agency that larger companies simply can't replicate. There are pros and cons to anything in life and as marketers it is up to us to identify and dissect them. And while all agencies are different and each campaign is unique, perhaps consider including a smaller company in the mix next time you’re looking for a marketing agency.