Campaigns We Love: StreetEasy's "Find Your Place"

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If you’ve ever gone apartment hunting, especially in New York City, you know how hard it can be to find just the right place. Everyone has a list of criteria in their mind for what they want in the perfect apartment whether it’s an elevator in the building, a picturesque view or a location within walking distance from work. Searching for a future home can be an emotional task, especially when nothing seems to fit what you’re looking for.  

A recent ad campaign by StreetEasy, a real estate online marketplace local to NYC, delivers on BrandTuitive’s key idea of the Movie in the Mind℠. With detailed illustrations and clever copy, the ads are able to tap into the emotions of its target audience: New Yorkers in search of an apartment that fits their wants and needs. Here is why we see this as an example of successful and impactful advertising.

The campaign juxtaposes map-like drawings of New York City with relatable copy to appeal to its target consumers. Aptly named the “Find Your Place” campaign, the ads invite their audience to do just that: find an apartment in their sweet spot in the city. The campaign depicts the search for the ideal apartment through Venn diagrams laid over illustrations of NYC streets, showcasing the genuine considerations that go into finding the perfect place for each person. Through its relatable copy and realistic drawings, the advertisements meet the Movie in the Mind℠ of real New Yorkers, allowing them to picture themselves in their ideal location.

It is clear that StreetEasy understands its audience and their emotions. By including realistic drawings of the city, the campaign accurately depicts the areas that New Yorkers know down to the block, the places where they live and work every day. The copy also speaks directly to the Movie in the Mind℠ of its viewers by showing the real considerations they have while apartment hunting, such as being close to the subway while being far enough that the walls don’t shake. While the captions are funny and can even seem silly, they include aspects that have real importance to apartment hunters. In this way, the campaign shows how personal and special the search for a future apartment should be.

What sets this campaign apart is how it effectively speaks to its viewers and appeals to their emotions, relating to them on a real level. By combining clever copy with precise drawings, StreetEasy is able to communicate the personalized nature of its platform while truly understanding what its target audience desires.