The Benefits of Shadowing

Shadow Week.png

At BrandTuitive, we highly value career development. In alignment with our core value of Fostering Unprecedented Development of People, we work with each member of our team to hone their skills in all aspects of their job. We believe that it is never too early to start learning about the professional world. This is why BrandTuitive welcomed a pre-college student to our office to help him gain valuable real-world experience. 

We were excited to invite a high school student to our office for one week to shadow us. During his time with us, he was exposed to all events happening at the agency, from brand positioning brainstorms to our High Fives at the end of the day. He sat with various members of our team from interns to the president to learn the ins and outs of our agency from multiple perspectives. Our goal was not only to allow him to see how our team functions but also for him to experience what it is really like to work here. He collaborated with us on several projects for clients and the agency itself and was encouraged to actively participate and make a contribution. As his week with us drew to a close, he expressed some of his key take-aways from the experience. 

One of these was how he learned about work culture and how to properly conduct and attend meetings. By observing and participating in several meetings including different people from our office, he learned how each person has their own leadership style. He also expressed his appreciation for our company culture. As a collaborative team, we work together on various projects and expect each person to take responsibility for their contribution. We felt it was important that he understand our values just as the rest of our team does in order to give him the most meaningful experience. 

Hosting a shadow student for a week was not only a positive experience for him but also for our entire team. It gave our junior employees, even the interns, the opportunity to act as managers and work on their leadership skills. For example, all of our interns helped manage him and give insight into their day-to-day responsibilities. They enhanced their management and communication skills and led by example throughout the day. It also provided them with an idea of what it takes to manage someone else. They needed to be clear when they explained their projects and make sure that the student was gaining something valuable from each experience. 

We really enjoyed the opportunity to host a younger individual as he contemplated his own career path. Shadowing at BrandTuitive is a truly special experience that gives us a chance to put our values into practice while developing someone just starting out in their career.