How A Successful Campaign Meets the Movie in the Mind℠

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We’re all familiar with the horrible feeling of being outside in the freezing cold, wishing we had worn more layers, and wanting nothing more than to be cozy and warm again. Especially with the “spring” we’ve been having lately in New York (that feels a lot more like winter), it’s sometimes hard to imagine feeling comfortable commuting to work or simply going outside.

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In its recent ad campaign, Icelandic outdoor clothing brand 66°North taps into this deep human desire for warmth and relief in icy winters, delivering on BrandTuitive’s key idea of the Movie in the Mind℠. With incredibly simple ads including no more than four words on them, 66°North successfully targets the emotions of its customers and leaves a lasting impression. Here is why we think this is an example of impactful advertising.

First, it is clear that 66°North knows its target audience. The campaign by Reykjavik-based agency Jonsson & Le’Macks depicts an authentic reality for most people in Iceland: people clad in winter gear, covered in snow and standing before an icy background. The ads don’t shy away from the genuine aspects of Icelandic weather, but instead reassure their viewers that, despite the winter, they are going to be fine. The campaign hits the Movie in the Mind℠ of its audience, allowing them to picture themselves achieving their desires to be warm, comfortable and able to confront even the harshest of climates.

We also admire how the campaign is able to say so much in only a few words. By keeping its ads simple and its message clear, 66°North is able to convey everything it needs to in only two short phrases. It takes something intimidating like extremely cold Icelandic winters and promises that it can help us continue to live our lives in spite of it. The ads are not trying to grab our attention by being funny, cute, sexy or outrageous. Instead, they draw us in by understanding and meeting the true desires and emotions of their customers.

By focusing on the Movie in the Mind℠ of its target audience, this campaign shows the immense role that emotions play in the world of advertising. Through its use of powerful imagery, its simplicity and its understanding of human wants and needs, 66°North provides us with an example of how to create a meaningful and impactful message.