Interning at BrandTuitive: Everything You Need to Know


At BrandTuitive, we strive to foster unprecedented growth and development in people. We are very excited to post a blog written by Emma, one of our interns, where she discusses what she has learned during her time here and how it has helped her as a young professional. Read on to learn firsthand how valuable an internship can really be. 

From proofreading and copywriting to brainstorming strategy with the team, there are many daily tasks to accomplish at BrandTuitive. At a multifaceted organization that is constantly in a state of motion and excitement, a new project can land on our desk with a pressing deadline at any moment. The team gears up and goes into fast-track mode, collaborating and getting all hands on deck regardless of position. This means interns play a key role in making sure everything runs smoothly and that work gets done.

Teamwork and Attention to Detail

To be a successful intern at a company like BrandTuitive, being able to work in a team is vital. The projects we receive require a great amount of focus and strategic thinking. Effectively collaborating and exchanging ideas is crucial in an agency setting, especially since getting multiple perspectives can significantly improve our work. Communication between everyone must be seamless to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and everything gets done. Since we often work on several projects a day, it is also imperative that we pay strong attention to detail. Working in the branding and marketing industry, a close eye is necessary to create perfect copy: whether it be a question of bolding, italics, spelling or grammar. Even the smallest discrepancies, like an extra space after a period in tiny legal copy, never go unnoticed here.

Other Responsibilities

Interning at BrandTuitive means we have duties far beyond fetching coffee and making copies. We are given a wide range of tasks and projects to work on and are expected to take full responsibility for them. These tasks include participating in strategy sessions for brand development and brainstorming ideas for projects with the team. As interns, these meetings are opportunities for us to develop our strategic thinking and not be afraid to speak our minds or voice our opinions. Using our creativity is also important, not only while brainstorming, but also for writing smart and effective copy. We are tasked with regularly communicating with graphic designers on our team, briefing them on client expectations and any changes necessary for projects to be approved. Our work is not limited to marketing tasks; there are several occasions where we help make decisions for the internal workings of the agency itself. From selecting new office equipment to figuring out strategies for organization, these decisions often involve cost and benefit analysis of different options and presenting them to managers or the president of the company.

What I Have Learned

During my time at BrandTuitive, I have been exposed to experiences that I will take with me for the rest of my career. When I first started working at the agency, I was given the opportunity to attend a networking event with the president. Although I was nervous to go, I said yes because I knew it would be valuable networking practice for me. At the event, I had the chance to introduce myself to many professionals and to discuss the type of work I do as an intern. This experience helped me immensely with my confidence in communicating professionally and made me realize that more practice will only make me stronger. I also learned a lot about the importance of LinkedIn and making connections with those I meet regardless of their position. From my internship, I have also learned that if something does not go to plan, there is always an alternative solution; and it is better to have different options in case. Not only have I been exposed to different general marketing terms during my time at BrandTuitive, but I have also been given the gift of countless lessons and strategies that are relevant in any professional career.


  • Have a system of organization where everything is in one place. Whether it is a planner with a list section or an excel sheet, having a system will help keep your priorities in check.

  • Write down any responsibility given to you to make sure it isn’t forgotten and is properly prioritized.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions— whether it is confirming a deadline or if you are unsure about something. Everyone is always very open and willing to help!

  • Communication is key. Make sure to speak with everyone involved in a decision so there are no misunderstandings. If there is a skill you want to improve on, tell someone! This will open up opportunities to help your development.

  • Try to think outside the box and don’t be afraid to share ideas and opinions.

  • Always say yes to any new networking opportunities.

  • Take note of any feedback given in meetings, as it is all very helpful for areas where improvement is needed.

  • Always have a back-up plan.

  • Have fun!