Interview Tips


Landing the interview for any job is a thrilling experience. However, the interview itself can be more stressful than exciting. Getting a new job can unlock countless opportunities, but the first step is nailing the interview. BrandTuitive is here to help take some of the stress out of the process and offer some tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Tip #1: Do your research

This tip can be especially important when interviewing at a branding and marketing agency. Before the interview, take some time to understand the company. For agencies like BrandTuitive, it can be extremely helpful to look at their portfolio. Take a look at the company’s website, learn about their culture and find out who you will be speaking with. All these small things can provide vital insight and help you be prepared when it is time for the interview. For example, at BrandTuitive, our core values are very important to us and we want to hire qualified people who embrace them as much as we do. Researching our agency is time well spent when applying for a position here.

Tip #2: Be present

It can be hard to focus on everything being said during an interview. A common mistake interviewees make is thinking too much about their own answers and not really listening to what is being said. It is important to ask questions based on the conversation and listen to what the interviewer tells you not only about the job, but about themselves as well. This is a great way to make the interviewer feel heard and to learn about the business. It’s important to remember to be engaged with your interviewer and keep the conversation going instead of just waiting for the next question.

Tip #3: Practice

It may feel strange to practice for a conversation, yet it can make a big difference in the outcome of an interview. Practicing on your own or with a friend can help you be more confident in the flow of the discussion and eliminate unnecessary filler words. A bit of practice can make you feel confident in yourself, which can shine through to the interviewer. Before you go in for the real thing, have a friend ask you some sample questions and get comfortable with your personal ‘elevator pitch.’ This tip will help you spend less time stumbling and stammering and more time making a great first impression.

Tip #4: Be confident

It can be challenging to project confidence in a stressful situation like a job interview. There are several small steps you can take to feel and appear more confident. The first minor change you can make is body language. Many people hunch their shoulders, lean forward or cross their arms when they get nervous. These stances make you seem smaller and more intimidated; instead try opening your body up, sit up straight and keep your chin up. These small changes will make you appear more in control of the situation. Another simple change you can make is how you speak. Don’t make your voice small and tense. This only projects your nerves to your interviewer. Instead, take a deep breath and speak clearly and with authority about the subject.

For more insight on how body language can affect confidence, check out this TedTalk by social psychologist, Amy Cuddy.

Tip #5: Always follow up

This is where many people have difficulty. Once you walk out of the office, the interview is not over. It is important to make sure your resume does not get lost in a pile of other applicants. Get noticed even after you leave the office by sending a follow-up email or letter to the people who interviewed you. Thank them for their time and be sure to tailor each message to best represent the conversation you had. These follow-ups can be brief and only need to mention one or two key topics from your discussion. By sending a follow-up, you refresh the interviewer on not only your application but also your conversation. It also emphasizes your appreciation for their time. A short follow-up letter can elevate the whole interview and make you more memorable.

We know that going in for an interview can be nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. These tips can help you nail the interview and land your dream job.