Working in New York City


BrandTuitive is proud to be a branding agency based in New York City, a booming place full of life and constantly thriving on the millions of people that walk its streets every day. New York is a tough city with a steep learning curve for a newcomer, however the skills you acquire can take you far in your professional career. The city has all of the necessary attributes to turn young professionals into their best selves!

Social aspect

Within a one-block radius, you could find companies from hundreds of different industries. Being so close to other businesses, you are bound to meet other professionals working in a completely different field. You are constantly making new connections and meeting new people which allows you to develop your communication and interpersonal skills. The most exciting part of working in the city is the social aspect that goes along with it. Working alongside peers opens up the opportunity to make lasting friendships. In a city with so many exciting activities to do, there are many ways to bond with coworkers after the workday or on weekends. You could go to one of the city’s many museums, shows, shops, bars or restaurants.

Learning to navigate

Navigating the city can be daunting at first; however with time and practice, it becomes second nature. Figuring out the grid system and the subway lines helps to develop problem solving skills and allows you to make the most efficient decisions for getting where you need to be. Being able to travel where you need to go on your own will build a sense of independence which is an extremely important attribute to have in your professional career.

Trying new things

There are so many options when it comes to deciding where to grab lunch or coffee, where to shop or where to visit. When working in a small town, one would usually head to the same place to grab lunch. However, with working in the city comes a plethora of food options that allows you to expand your horizons and add variety to your life. By switching up where you go every day, it avoids the possibility of becoming stuck in a rut and sticking to your usual routine which is proven to increase productivity and work performance.


In the city, one will meet people from all walks of life. This is extremely important since it exposes a person to unique views and allows them to learn all about different cultures and beliefs. It gives people more perspective and teaches them to be more open to ideas that differ from their own. When working in a professional setting where you would need to work with a team, you must be able to listen to others and be open to the idea that what you think may not always be the best and most accurate answer.

Whether you’re working at a branding agency, accounting firm or a restaurant, these skills are sure to get you far.