Creative Campaign: A Little's A Lot


A lot of careful planning goes into an advertising campaign. Agencies need to come up with a campaign that sends the right message, reaches the target audience and encourages them to take action. The strategy behind campaigns is especially critical with non-profit organizations that rely on donations to provide their services. Agencies must skillfully craft clear, effective and engaging messages that drive donations.

Recently we worked with Fulfill, a non-profit we rebranded in 2017, which was previously known as The Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We created the “A Little’s A Lot” campaign, which focuses on encouraging people to donate to Fulfill. The goal was to let donors know that any donation they give will actually make a difference in fighting hunger, so we developed an ad campaign that represents how Fulfill is able to do a lot with a little.  


With the objective of increasing donations for Fulfill’s fight against hunger, we created a striking campaign concept to catch the eye of our target donors – the residents of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Our research showed that it was important to donors that their donations stayed local. Therefore, we specifically used the phrase “we can do a lot for our neighbors” to show people that their donations will support residents in their communities.

The campaign is designed to attract new and younger donors by letting them know that small donations can have a big impact on the community. References to the fact that $1 “feeds a child for a day” and $30 “feeds a family for a week” emphasize how much Fulfill can do for the community, even with a “little” donation. Then, once they donate for the first time, these new donors can continue a life-long relationship with Fulfill and continue to make a difference in their community.

The most attention-grabbing aspect of this campaign is the carrot and its large shadow. The carrot presents consistent imagery across all platforms of the Fulfill brand, and the shadow reflects Fullfill’s ability to make a difference with any size donation. The carrot is also a recurring element in Fulfill communications. It is used in icons that represent their different services, and it is Fulfill’s favicon (the icon in the corner of a website tab). The orange also ties in to one of the primary colors in the Fulfill color palette. The carrot, along with other fruits and vegetables, embodies the fact that Fulfill provides nutritious meals to those in need.

The “A Little’s A Lot” campaign focuses on one objective: getting more donations for Fulfill. We crafted a campaign with the single message of encouraging people to do what they can to help fight hunger. Whether the campaign is on billboards, email, print ads or Facebook ads, potential donors will know that no matter the amount, their donation to Fulfill will make a big difference right in their own community.