Powerful brands are not bullet points of research. Powerful brands ignite human emotion.

BrandTuitive doesn’t create brands; rather, we reveal the true power of what your brand brings to your customers’ lives. Our unique ability to listen and to understand your customers’ emotions is what makes BrandTuitive brand work so effective. By understanding the truth of who you are, what you do and how you make your customers’ lives better, we are able to develop powerful messaging that will attract many, many more just like them.


The Buy Moment

The Buy Moment is the emotional point in time when a customer decides that they’re going to buy from you and no one else. It’s when they bond with your brand, taking all other considerations off the table.


How we do it

We understand your Strategic Advantages through an in-depth workshop with your key management. We focus on your organization’s strengths, goals and the unique value you provide to your customers.

We reveal your customers’ Movie in the Mind℠ through a series of one-on-one, open-ended interviews. (See below for more information on the Movie in the Mind).

We determine the Exploitable Competitor Weaknesses through a brand positioning audit. This research uncovers where your competitors fall short in delivering on prospective customers’ Movie in the Mind.

Armed with these three insights, we get to your Buy Moment – but it’s more than just a deliverable. A BrandTuitive brand combines science + art + magic + a little intuition to reveal the truth of your brand and communicate it on a human level.

 Movie in the Mind℠


There is one simple truth that shapes the behaviors of all human beings – it’s that people think in pictures and not in words. When a person has an unmet need or desire, they actually play a movie inside their head, seeing that need or desire being fulfilled a certain way – we call this the Movie in the Mind. Once someone encounters something that perfectly fits with their Movie, they fall in love, and that is the brand they will choose.

Our job is to reveal the Movie in the Mind of your customers and position your brand as the star of that Movie. Understanding that one simple truth is the catalyst for all the successful work BrandTuitive has consistently created for our clients.