Masterful Geotechnical Engineering for Highly Complex Challenges

MRCE: Brand Positioning, Brand Messaging, Naming, Logo & Tagline 

MRCE is a 100+-year-old geotechnical engineering firm employing some of the most brilliant engineering minds and solving some of the most complex underground challenges. Their foundation work on the World Trade Center was so well done that it was credited with keeping lower Manhattan from flooding when the towers collapsed on 9/11. Despite this, they were not communicating their sophistication in their brand messaging and look and feel to their clients.

Clients hire MRCE because of their trust in MRCE’s innovative solutions to highly challenging underground engineering problems. Their projects are high stakes, and with MRCE, clients can sleep at night. MRCE’s unrivaled geotechnical engineering experience and one-of-a-kind resources allow them to complete projects on time and within budget.

BrandTuitive repositioned MRCE and transformed the brand messaging and tagline of MRCE to reflect their masterful geotechnical engineering and elevated the look of their logo, advertising and website.