The Movie in the Mind℠ we revealed

We learned that Simply Wine’s customer base wanted the experience of buying good wine to be easy and fun, not intimidating. They were not looking to become experts — they just wanted a comfortable, convenient way to get a good bottle of wine.

How we made Simply Wine the star

BrandTuitive brought Simply Wine’s personality to life. From the vibrant colors and witty sayings on their marketing materials to their endearing logo and retail bags, Simply Wine’s bright and bubbly look and feel extended to all touch points.


Unexpected Thinking

To make the Simply Wine experience even more enjoyable, we designed a distinctive van to deliver to people’s homes. The colorful van showcases the brand’s fun and upbeat look, evoking an exciting experience for customers, similar to the childhood joy of seeing an ice cream truck.


Simply Wine’s brand was well received by consumers, especially the desirable younger target audience. Their unique visual and verbal identity distinguishes them from their competitors and clearly signals the type of experience they give their customers – whether getting wine delivered or walking into their stores.



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“BrandTuitive’s strength is their strategy work. Branding is not just about hot design. It’s about the emotion the design evokes, and you can only get to that through a solid brand strategy. Their work is more solid and has a long-lasting quality about it.”
— Founder, Simply Wine